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    • 汕頭市新金信實業有限公司




      電  話:0754-86573111

      網  址:m.zacarter.com

      郵  箱:369334051@qq.com
      地  址:廣東省汕頭市潮陽區金浦寨外工業區

    •       汕頭市新金信實業有限公司專業生產抗紫外線、阻燃特性的仿真植物系列產品,該產品已申請發明專利。我廠生產的塑膠仿真花草可應用于室內外裝修裝飾用植物墻、植物隔離墻、公路院落隔離帶、覆蓋墻體建筑、插花等。該產品組裝方便,綠色持久,戶外使用期可達5年以上,室內使用可長達8-10年。我廠在義烏設有批發銷售點,供應全國的批發市場商鋪、同行業廠家,貿易公司以及海外銷售商。我廠長期與國內外知名建筑商,園林設計公司合作。歡迎各界朋友蒞臨參觀、指導和業務洽談。 

      SHANTOU NEW JINXIN PLASTIC FLOWER FACTORY Specializes in manufacturing all kinds of higher quality Ultraviolet-proof and fire-resistant artificial plastic flowers, include plastic flower bunch, grass turf, grass ball and plant wall. With more than 10 years of manufacturing experiences, and fire resistance character which is under patent, we have co-operated with the wholesaler, construction project, and design institute home and abroad. Like the residential project in Shanghai of Sun Hung Kai’s, and the parking lot project of Kyushu Property in Guangzhou. We will try our best to satisfy our customers’ requirement and hope to reach our mutual benefit in the near future.

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